How to choose a place to learn and study

You do not need to repeat the third semester of your home to participate in online learning. However, you need a comfortable place to work.

When choosing a place to learn and study, look for some basic features.

Light: The dark room or space can become suffocating and frustrating. It will also cause eye fatigue and fatigue faster. If you have a dark home or office, consider adding additional indirect light sources. You can buy cheap desk lamps with swivel heads at Target or Walmart for as little as $ 10.

Work environment: If you try to sit on the floor with the laptop balanced on your knees, you will end up with back pain, stiff neck and painful shoulders. Comfortable workspaces allow you to focus on study materials. When you feel uncomfortable, pain and stiffness will distract you from work and reduce the chance that you will return to study.

Atmosphere: Some people can easily work in a crowded cafe or restaurant, while others need complete silence, and there is still an increased need to listen to music or keep the television in the background. Don’t assume you learn better in complete silence. Try different environments to discover the best way to work.

Distraction Factors: Inform all members of your family that you are taking an online course. Keep them from bothering you while you study so you can focus on materials. You can also turn off your phone and close the Internet browser tabs, except the one you use for studying. Once you’re distracted, getting back to work becomes increasingly difficult.

Supplies: Do you need a new cup of coffee? Water bottle? Maybe a bag of carrot sticks for an appetizer? Before attending an online course, get everything you think you might need. If your coffee is nearby, you won’t have to interrupt your studies to go to the kitchen and prepare a bowl.

Some people have their own home offices. This room offers an ideal place to study online, but it is not the only option. Consider the dining room, kitchen, or bedroom as long as you are not distracted by family members.

Also, choose the correct time of day to study and learn online. You may learn better by checking materials in the morning just before work, or it may be a nocturnal bird, and it’s more comfortable burning midnight oil. Find what works for you.

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